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This is a little something to help you get lucky this weekend… 😉
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Blair Presents Zakk Wylde’s Shot to Hell Berserker Hot Sauce! Zakk has teamed up with Blair to produce a range of sauces hot enough to satisfy his legions of ‘Berserkers’, the name used to describe

the fans of his band Black Label Society.

What the bottle says: Warning – This product contains the hottest known ingredients on the planet earth. Please use with extreme caution.

What Metalised says: Warning – Your ass will be on fire…

blair shot12

Taken from Hammerfall’s live DVD “Gates Of Dalhalla” out today. It contains the entire special 15-years-anniversary show that took place on the 28th of July 2012 on the open-air stage of Dalhalla, Sweden.

There is a show on the History Channel called Pawn Stars, which recently featured a man named Travis trying to sell at a Pawn Shop a Slash’s old driver’s license! Travis, tried to sell it for $50,000 but he was offered only $1,000! He refused to accept less than $15,000 for the license, so in the end no deal was made.

This is what he had to say about how he acquired the license in the first place:

“A good buddy of mine actually had it years ago. He got it from his girlfriend, who was a bartender, and she ended up being there serving these guys all long long. And the whole group were trying to get her to flash for ‘em. So she did, she flashed one, and he threw it on the bar. I took it when I was about 18 and used it for my fake ID until I was 21.”



This song is simply a mesmerizing journey into Power Metal perfection…

Cancer Bats return with another funny, weird, awesome video for ‘Bricks and Mortar’.