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One of the many great and expensive Korn videos. Watch the Korn members literally coming undone…



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Vulgar Display of Pets!

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“Progressive Rock/Metal music is a blend of heavy, electric guitar-oriented music with compositional innovation, longer songs, with odd-time signatures and often incorporating elements of other genres of music, other than Rock & Metal. Usually it is expressed through more complex, sophisticated diverse instrumentation and compositions and also more complex conceptual lyrical ideas.”

#1 Dream Theater – Images and Words

I really see no point in writing a lengthy review about this album! I am not worthy enough to review one of the greatest works of art in the history of humanity!! I have no right!!! I am just a simple metalhead!!!!

Jokes aside, if you are a metalhead and don’t know/don’t like this album, then seriously there is something wrong with you… seriously! Either you love Dream Theater’s ‘Images And Words’ or you’re deaf!

‘Images And Words’ is not only the best progressive metal album ever but also easily one of the best 5 metal albums ever recorded! An album everyone should own, even non-metalheads! It is the album that “popularized” progressive metal, the album that gave birth to countless imitators!

Dream Theater’s ‘Images And Words’ is Metalised’s top progressive rock/metal album… Dream Theater’s ‘Images And Words’ is the undisputed champion of progressive music! Nuff’ said, I’m off to listen to this breath-taking, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping work of art, for what it probably is the millionth time…


This interview is a scene from ‘The Decline of the Western Civilization Pt. II’ documentary. Watch Chris Holmes, guitarist of W.A.S.P., talking about the excesses of the touring lifestyle and chugging down vodka like it is water, while his mother is watching!