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Lets have a few laughs…

Posted: 12/26/2013 in Fun Corner!

Merry Christmas

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After the disappointing ‘Stand Up and Fight’ the band’s new album ‘Turisas2013’ redefined Turisas as fearless folk metal explorers! However, the new album received bad reviews by many metal critics and you know why? Because it is melodic and very catchy! Those same critics at their best albums of 2013 lists included almost exclusively underground experimental black metal and technical death metal albums. Apparently having some melody in metal nowadays is considered to be by many “not trendy”! I do not know what is wrong with those people but I refuse to fall in that same category! Turisas2013 is comprised of mind-blowing, life-affirming songs, made to celebrate the glory of music itself! It is an album that by the end of it you will feel overwhelmed by positive feelings! Quite simply it is fun! But according to the aforementioned metal critics this is not such a good thing anymore…

This is an instructional video on how Metalheads should prepare the Christmas meal and it may be useful to you for tomorrow. You can thank me later!

Today is Lemmy’s birthday, he is turning 68!
I wonder how he will celebrate… 😉


Iron Maiden’s take on Gary Glitter’s ‘Another Rock And Roll Christmas’, with Paul Di’Anno on vocals.

Posted: 12/24/2013 in Metal Inspired Art