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Karbonsoul Facebook Page:

Karbonsoul is a Portuguese metal band, initially characterized as a gothic metal band, the initial sound was defined as more melodic with melancholic environments. Over the time, Karbonsoul began to change his style, in a natural way to a heavier metal. Currently the band explores death metal with some doom metal and dark/black metal influences.

In August 2011, the song “Bleeding Sorrow” enters the compilation “Light Bearers”, released by INFEKTION MAGAZINE. This compilation brought together some of the best metal bands in the national underground.

In December 2013 Karbonsoul released online in digital format the EP “3LOGY”.

Mário “Rstein” Rodrigues – guitars, samples (2007-present)
Mafalda “Muffy” Hortas – vocals (2007-present)
Mário “Rvid” Pinheiro – bass, bouzouki (2007-present)
Carlos “Sir Nightall” Pereira – drums (2010-present)


The latest strategy game from WizKids Games focuses on the
heavy metal legend, Iron Maiden! Travel across time and space competing with other players to collect Lyrics ,Tour Stops,Instruments, T-Shirts and Albums to be the first to unlock one of the faces of Eddie and carry out his destiny to win the game.

Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Ed-Venture Strategy Game includes the following components:
• 1 Game Board
• 2 six-sided dice
• 6 player pieces
• 4 Eddie Stand-Ups
• 110 Game Cards

Coming February 2014, price €18.50 ($25)


Although this is a very original, artistic and unusual video for Black Metal music or even Metal music in general… it somehow feels like it is the best visual accompaniment to the music of ‘God Alone’. Directed by Kelly and Patrick O’ Mahony, the abstract, black-and-white video explores the contours, possibilities, and limits of the human body through expressive twists and turns. Get ready to have your breath taken away…

This is a video by the Russian Punk band Biting Elbows. It is made in the style of a first-person shoot ‘em up video game and is chock full of relentless action and ultra-violence, a bit of sex and most importantly breath-taking stunt work and extreme parkour sequences! It was banned by Youtube for content violation, hours after the official release but then reinstated and has since become a huge Youtube hit.

This is one of the most jaw-dropping videos you will ever see in your lives! Even ground-breaking Oscar winning director Darren Aranofsky has taken notice via Twitter, saying “so well done” with a link to the music video!

The ‘Bad Motherfucker’ video tells the story of an undercover secret agent, captured but then escaping and struggling to survive against an army of henchmen. It tells the mysterious story of a device that transports whoever is touching it to a random place around the world when it comes in contact with water! This music video leaves any action movie fan begging for more… but actually there is, towards the end of the video look for the link of the prequel 😉

To shoot this video, the band members spent more than one month training, working on their fitness and learning martial arts! Despite all that, on the day of shooting the video all the members suffered numerous injuries with bruising all over their bodies! The background of this music video is historical monument Bú-Tik Palace in Taiwan!

As the title suggests, the song is about sport hunting! The band said the following about the video:

“The topic of the video is very important to us. Hunting is a coward’s act of murdering fellow creatures who don’t have a chance. Hunting is a variant of human mental illness.

The video is a bit unusual for a metal band, but we think it is a little different and standing out against the normal stereotypes of the scene. We are really proud that we could win Denise Rombouts over for the main female role. It was great fun working with such a talented and professional model. She really taught every one of us a lesion when it came down to being tough and keep on working during an ice cold winter day.”


‘… Like Clockwork’ is a nightmarish 15-minute animated short film that strings together the creepy animated videos for the band’s latest album’s songs: “I Appear Missing”, “Kalopsia”, “If I Had a Tail”, “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”, and “My God Is the Sun”, for an effect that Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme describes in a release as “an audio commentary of a manic year.”