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Released in 1989 by Roadrunner Records
Best Songs: Beneath the Remains, Mass Hypnosis



Released in 1998 by Earache Records
Best songs: Hate Song, Forensick

the haunted

Released in 1990 by Metal Blade Records
Best Songs: The American Way, Who’s To Blame


‘Etermal Nightmare’ was released in 1988 by Megaforce
Best Songs: Serial Killer, Etermal Nightmare

The Art of Partying was released in 2007 by Earache Records
Best Songs: Headbanger Face Rip, Lunch Hall Food Brawl



Released in 1986 by Steamhammer/SPV
Best Songs: Curse the Gods, Confound Games


Released in 2013 by Candlelight Records
Best Songs: Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death, Waste of Life


If you have been metalised recently, you may have missed Metalised’s top 40 albums. Check out the full list here:

What a phenomenal metalised year, 2013 has been! It will go down in history as one of the best years ever, in terms of metal album releases! It was also the year of outstanding self-titled albums by bands such as: Dream Theater, Byzantine, Queensryche, Turisas, Vhol, Revocation and Avatarium. During the last 12 months I must have listened to about 400 new releases! My initial plan was to pick only 20 albums but it turned out to be an impossible feat so the best I could do was 40. These 40 albums I have listened to tens of times each and evaluated them carefully to be accurate to their final ranking so to be fair to the bands and you, the Metalised fans.

If you are a collector, like I am, I strongly recommend purchasing the top 15 (or 20) albums of the list, in physical form. Also you may be interested to know that the list is comprised of 19 European and 21 American (17 from the USA, 3 Canadian, 1 Brazilian) bands.

You will notice that this list does not include too many underground black/death metal albums something that happens at almost all of the other 2013 metal lists you may have seen. The reason for this is that Metalised is not a poser page, I do not try to prove to anyone how brutal I am and how many underground extreme metal bands I am aware of! I consider myself not to be an elitist, something that unfortunately applies to many metalheads!

Metalised aims to inform YOU of the musically best albums from all sub-genres of metal. I repeat… ALL! Metalised does not make any discriminations, ALL metal is good! If you are open-minded enough, many of the albums of this list will offer you goosebumps, give you energy, make you jump up and down, sing out loud the choruses with eyes closed and raise your fists up in the air with a huge grin on your faces, regardless of the metal sub-genre they belong to! These are the best albums in terms of musicianship and inspiration that will also entertain you and may actually improve your life!