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Released in 2000 on Metal Blade Records
Best Songs: The Tomb of Gilgamesh, Besprinkled in Scarlet Horror

Tourniquet is a criminally underrated band from Los Angeles, California, which was formed in 1989 and has released 8 albums since. It really is unfair and frustrates me how this band rarely gets the recognition they deserve. The mastermind behind it, is the insanely talented Ted Kirkpatrick who is the percussionist , main songwriter and lyricist of the band. His talent can only be compared to that of metal musicians such as Steve Harris, Dave Mustaine, or John Petrucci! The readers of HM Magazine voted Ted “Favorite Drummer” 10 years in a row. He has been featured twice in Modern Drummer Magazine, and countless drummers list him as one of their drumming influences.

Ted has a great passion for classical music and this is evident by the classical influences in his song writing. He is a great admirer of many classical composers and his drumming and song writing are influenced by Beethoven, Mahler and Bach, to name a few.

Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm is a Progressive, Neo-Classical Thrash Metal monster of an album! It is an album with many twists and turns with lots of surprises along the way and most importantly it is a refreshing album! It is technically challenging with multiple time changes, intricate drumming and string work, and a vocal approach ranging from screaming to singing to a prayer-like whispering! One of the most fascinating musical aspects of the album is the numerous classical influences blended into the song structures. As a matter of fact, in the liner notes Ted even thanks Beethoven, Brahms, and Bach!

Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm is brimming with positivity, light, hope and divine inspiration. This is not one of those albums that will pump you up with the kind of aggression that will make you want to break stuff (which I also like!) but instead this is an album that will make you listen in awe while having a silly smile on your face, with your arm hair sticking up, an album that will make you want to hug the first stranger you see in your way! As far as I’m concerned this album is one of the best progressive albums and also one of the best thrash albums that have ever been released!

One of the criteria Metalised used to pick the best thrash metal albums is what we call ‘The Goosebump Indicator’! In simpler words, it is the number of goosebumps we feel while listening to an album… and let me tell you… Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm is a goosebump fest… a classic… a masterpiece… a precious gem… a must have!



Released in 1989 by Steamhammer/SPV
Best Songs: Agent Orange, Tired and Red


Released in 1989 by Roadrunner Records
Best Songs: Human Insecticide, Alison Hell


Released in 1987 through Noise Records
Best Songs: Storming with Menace, Toxic Trace


Released in in 1990 on Geffen Records
Best Songs: EX-TC, The Organization


Released in 2007 by Roadrunner
Best Songs: Halo, Aesthetics of Hate


Released in 1988 by Combat
Best Songs: Forbidden Evil, Chalice of Blood