#6 Poison Idea – Feel the Darkness

Posted: 08/04/2014 in TOP HARDCORE PUNK ALBUMS!

Released in 1990 by American Leather Records
Best Songs: Discontent, Alan’s on Fire

Interesting Facts: Around the time Feel the Darkness was released, the band members’ drinking habits and hard living were beginning to catch up with them: the 4 band members weighed in at about 590 Kg (1,300 lb) collectively and the guitarist Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts, in particular was very fat, often having to play sitting down! In 2006 Pig Champion died aged 47 at his home in Portland of undetermined causes, although he had been suffering from the flu and an untreated kidney infection. In 2012 during a European tour, the guitarist Jerry developed a severe infection in his foot and was instructed by medical staff in Europe to return home immediately. Despite a long-standing reputation for not completing tours, the band remained in Europe for five weeks, resulting in Jerry having to have two toes and a portion of his foot removed when the band returned to the U.S.! Poison Idea has been cited as an influence by bands and musicians such as Nirvana, Turbonegro, Pantera, Napalm Death and Machine Head.



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