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Released in 1998 by Castle Communications

Recommended Songs: Midnight Sun, I Can, Revelation

Interesting Facts: The album’s cover was inspired by The Smurfs, with Gargamel changed for the witch and the Smurfs for pumpkins. Also, as opposed to the more benign-looking pumpkin used on previous albums, a sinister-looking pumpkin is used to represent the “o” in the “Helloween” logo. Albeit with a few minor tweaks, it is still currently in use. The band Hanson have been known to use the album introduction as an entrance to their concerts.

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Released in 1996 by GUN Records

Recommended Songs: Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching), Scotland United

Interesting Facts: Although ‘Tunes of War’ is a concept album about the Scottish struggles for independence from England (from the medieval conflicts between its clans in the 11th century through to the Jacobite rebellion of the 18th), the band in actually German.



Released in 2006 by Roadrunner Records

Recommended Songs: Through The Fire And Flames, Cry For Eternity

Interesting Facts: the album reached number 1 in the Billboards Heatseekers chart; it also reached No. 103 on the Billboard 200 chart; and its first single “Through The Fire And Flames” has received rock radio and Fuse TV airplay, as well as a place as playable track on the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The album has gone Silver in the UK, has sold over 350,000 units in the US and more than half a million worldwide.


Released in 2005 by Massacre Records

Recommended Songs: Into The Enchanted Chamber, Witches of Black Magic

Interesting Facts: Timeless Miracle comes from Malmö, Sweden, and was formed in 1995. Originally named Trapped, the band soon broke up without releasing any materials. The collective re-formed in 2001 and recorded three demos. Having changed their name to Timeless Miracle, the band released their excellent début album Into the Enchanted Chamber in 2005. The band began recording their second album, Under the Moonlight in May 2007, but hasn’t released any updates since September 2008; their web-site is currently down!