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Released in 2013 by VAP Records.
Best Songs: A-L-I-E-N, Yoshu Fukushu, Maximum the Hormone, Beauty Killosseum, Tsume Tsume Tsume, Unbelievable!, Koi No Sperm.

Interesting Facts: Maximum The Hormone formed in 1998, hail from Japan and play an experimental style of Nu-Metal incorporating elements of Metalcore, Jpop, Hardcore Punk, Funk, Rap and Ska into their sound, which helps to distinguish them from many typical Nu-Metal bands. Each member alternates singing lead vocals, often within the same song, with the exception of the bass player.

When asked about the group’s name in an interview, guitarist/vocalist Maximum the Ryo-kun stated “Take it as you like, it means anything from the Japanese cuisine for cooking animal innards to the sensation of the maximum amount of your hormones coming to the boil! Although when we go abroad people think we’re just some sorta sexual energy drink.” “Hormone” (or horumon) is a style of Japanese BBQ where many of the typically discarded internal organs are grilled in bite sized pieces and eaten.

After having released 2 full length albums and 3 EPs, Maximum The Hormone released their breakthrough album Bu-iikikaesu in 2007. In 2008 Maximum The Hormone made their first Western country appearance in England supporting Enter Shikari on their tour. However, prior to these shows, it was announced that Screamer/Vocalist Daisuke would require corrective surgery on his throat, causing the band to go on temporary hiatus while he recovered. After Daisuke had recovered, the band went on to headline several shows in Japan with support from Bring Me The Horizon in 2009, as well as going on to win the award for “Best Rock Video” for “Tsume Tsume Tsume” in the MTV Video Music Awards Japan. Notably, in 2009, ex Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman performed an instrumental cover of Tsume Tsume Tsume on his tribute/cover album Tokyo Jukebox. Though not mentioned in the title, near the end of the track, he segues into an abbreviated version of Maximum the Hormone’s Louisiana Bob.

Later that year, the band released a statement via their official website stating that female drummer/vocalist Nao was pregnant, but after discussions with her fellow band members and staff, had decided to continue with all shows. However, shortly after, Nao fell ill and was transported to the hospital, where she was told that it would be unhealthy for her and the baby to continue performing. This resulted in the band going on hiatus and forced them to cancel all shows including an appearance at the Soundwave Festival 2010 in Australia.

During this hiatus the band had plenty of time to focus on writing and perfecting in the studio new material that would be used for Yoshu Fukushu, their first full album in 6 years. It was their first album to reach number one on Oricon’s charts the week after its release. The CD features unique packaging, as it is approximately the height and width of a standard DVD case, and bound like a manga. On June 2, the group released the video for the song “A-L-I-E-N”, but as a prank, they placed it on a randomly relocating URL, so page visitors would only have a random chance of seeing the video, depending on luck.

In keeping with the band’s quirky aesthetic, the song Benjo Sandal Dance lyrically references Maximum the Ryo-kun’s habit of wearing toilet sandals, traditionally strictly only for wearing in the bathroom, at all times. He exclusively wears toilet sandals sold under the brand name VIC. In September, the band announced a special merchandise package, including both a t-shirt, and limited edition VIC sandals with the Maximum the Hormone logo stamped in the heel. He is also a celebrity endorser of Tenga sex toys and claims that his favourite Tenga product is the “Deep Throat Cup”!

In 2014 Maximum the Hormone appeared on the lineup of Slipknot’s festival ‘Knotfest’ in California.



Released in 2000 by Roadrunner Records
Best Songs: Zero, Heavy, Gimme Some Skin, Keep The Sabbath Dream Alive, Mother Earth, Feel Like Bob Marley

Interesting Facts: The Workhorse Movement were among the new breed of Detroit artists that blended the traditional hard rock and soul elements of their forefathers with the modern dynamics of Nu-Metal to create a unique heavy urban rock, Nu-Metal sound. Their first and only album ‘Sons Of The Pioneers’ stands as a tribute to their inspirations, namely those bands that chose to challenge the system and succeeded.

‘Sons of the Pioneers’ is a genuine masterpiece and unfortunately a CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED album that had only some success in the UK, where the band toured with Pitchshifter as well as touring the US on the Tattoo the Earth tour with the likes of Slayer. Myron (real name Matt Kozuch), Freedom (real name Jeff Piper) and Pete (real name Patrick) formed the band Dirty Americans when the Workhorse Movement collapsed in December 2000.


Released in 1994 by Immortal & Epic Records
Best Songs: Blind, Faget, Lies, Shoots and Ladders

Interesting Facts: Many critics claim that Korn’s self-titled debut album has started and established the Nu-Metal subgenre. Korn’s debut single Blind’s music video received airplay on MTV, exposing nu metal to a wider audience in a time when grunge dominated. Nu metal continued to achieve recognition through MTV and Ozzy Osbourne’s 1995 introduction of Ozzfest, which led the media to talk of a resurgence of heavy metal. The band only had experienced underground fame, as their debut album peaked at number 72 on the Billboard 200 but the album has now sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Nu metal didn’t have plenty of bands playing the genre until 1997 where multiple nu metal bands like Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and Sevendust all released their debut albums.

The album’s themes mainly are based on topics such as child abuse, drug abuse and bullying. The controversial album artwork depicts a young girl being approached by a large man who is holding what appears to be a horseshoe or, more presumably, blades; furthermore, the girls’ shadow gives the appearance that her body is being hanged due to the position of the band’s logo.

Korn recorded most of the album with all members playing simultaneously, as opposed to recording instruments separately. The “distinctive” sound and quality of music was given off by their instruments, rather than the production. The recording of the introduction to ‘Shoots and Ladders’ took place on a mountain-top, where singer Jonathan Davis, is heard playing the bagpipes. This resulted in acoustics that sounded more “natural”.

Some 14 minutes into the album’s closing track ‘Daddy—well after the song has ended—a tape that Ross Robinson found in an abandoned house begins to play. The tape depicts an argument between a man and his wife over a Dodge Dart exhaust manifold.


Released in 2000 by DreamWorks Records
Best Songs: Last Resort, Broken Home, Thrown Away

Interesting Facts: Infest became the 20th highest-selling album of 2000 in the United States. It was certified triple platinum by the RIAA and peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart. As of 2010 Infest has sold over 8,000,000 copies worldwide, of which 3,000,000 for the U.S. This album earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.


Released in 2000 by Warner Bros
Best Songs: One Step Closer, Papercut, A Place for My Head

Interesting Facts: Hybrid Theory was a huge commercial success, having sold 27 million copies worldwide, which makes it the best selling debut album of the 21st century!

The music of Hybrid Theory draws from diverse inspirations. Bennington’s singing style is influenced by acts such as Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots, while the riffs and playing techniques of guitarist Brad Delson are modeled after Deftones, Guns N’ Roses, U2, and The Smiths. Mike Shinoda’s rapping, present in seven tracks, is very close to The Roots’ style. The lyrical content of the songs primarily touches upon the problems that Bennington encountered during his childhood, including child abuse, constant and excessive drug and alcohol abuse, the divorce of his parents, isolation, disappointments, and the aftermath feelings of failed relationships.


Released in 2001 by Atlantic Records
Best Songs: Boom, Portrait, Alive, Satellite

Interesting Facts: Payable on Death (abbreviated as P.O.D.) is a Christian Nu-Metal band that has released six major label studio albums along with two independent albums and have sold over 12 million records worldwide! ‘Satellite’ debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart with over 133,000 copies sold. It spent 5 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 of that chart. It went on to sell over 3 million copies in the U.S., and over 7 million worldwide. It was placed at No. 137 on the Billboard’s top 200 albums of the decade (2000–2009).

Satellite produced four singles with music videos; ‘Alive’, ‘Youth of the Nation’, ‘Boom’, and title track, ‘Satellite’. First single ‘Alive’ went on to become one of MTV’s and MTV2’s top played videos of the year. The video’s popularity, as well as the song’s positive message, helped the song become a huge modern rock radio hit and was also nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance. Although not released as a single, ‘Portrait’ was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 2003 Grammy Awards. ‘Youth of the Nation’ also earned a nomination in 2003 for Best Hard Rock Performance.