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  1. Davide Fin says:

    Dear Staff,

    Please consider our debut album, enterely written and produced by ourselves.

    Forgotten Light is a metal band from Italy.
    Author of very modern heavy metal songs with a mix of melodic and aggressive riffs and clean / growling vocals, metal progressive lines and researched lyrics, it records its debut album “Where Light Ends” in April 2013.

    Forgotten Light are:

    Nico Sechi: Lead and backing vocals, keyboards;
    Davide Fin: Electric and acoustic guitars;
    Roberto Puggioni: Electric and acoustic guitars;
    Pasquale Lubinu: Bass;
    Flavio Fancellu: Drums & percussions.

    This is our link on soundcloud where you can find our tracks:

    Best regards,

    Davide (celticeye@gmail.com)
    Forgotten Light

    For contacts:


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