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Metal Hammer magazine will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s début album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ by giving away a covers compilation CD with the magazine. Here is the full tracklisting:

01 – Black Tide – “Hit The Lights“
02 – Burden Of Grief – “The Four Horsemen“
03 – Rage – “Motorbreath” (live)
04 – Dust Bolt – “Jump In The Fire“
05 – Eisregen & The Vision Bleak – “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth“
06 – Motörhead – “Whiplash“
07 – Anthrax – “Phantom Lord“
08 – Cannibal Corpse – “No Remorse“
09 – Primal Fear – “Seek & Destroy“
10 – Dew-Scented – “Metal Militia“

Some of these covers already exist, such as Motörhead’s take on Whiplash, which was a bonus on the ‘Kiss of Death’ album… and it is absolutely brilliant…


I can’t stop laughing with this one…

I cant stop LOLing with this one

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and listen to the new Killswitch Engage song! What do you think of it?

…Through the Nazi lines, Primooo Victoriaaaaa

Sabaton 😉


With thanks to all Metalised readers and staff!




It’s been a stunning year in Metal! The most obvious conclusion to be made about 2012 is that Metal is no longer an American & English affair! Metal has become a global phenomenon with the apprentice (European & International Metal) often surpassing the master (American & English Metal). Many of the best Metal albums of 2012 come from countries such as France, Germany, Holland, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Finland, Canada, and Norway!

There has also been a noticeable rise in the Southern European Metal scene! The “Intra-European civil war” between the Northern European Metal “Goliath” and the Southern European Metal “David” sees the latter winning, as some of the best albums of 2012 come from France, Portugal and Greece. Moreover, in 2012 two legendary Metal bands returned with what has to be the best albums of their careers and deservedly so taking the top 2 spots of our list!

Metalised has listened to more than 300 albums during the last 12 months! This means almost one new album every day! Keep in mind that, as there have been thousands of Metal and Hard Rock releases, it was impossible to listen to all of them and furthermore, this list had to be shorten to only 40 albums, so apologies in advance if you think that in your opinion some important 2012 releases have been omitted. However, feel free to leave a comment with your favorite 2012 albums, in this way you will give us a second chance to discover some more quality releases that we may have missed and also let your fellow Metalised brothers and sisters know about them.

We have been going through this list for quite some time now and the final rankings are the result of hard thought and repeated listening/headbanging sessions! Rankings were determined by the level of musicianship, song writing, creativity, production, how much enjoyment we got from the album, the impact the album had, but above all from what we like to call at the Metalised headquarters ‘The Goosebump Indicator’ which is the intensity of goosebumps given to us from each album!

Here are the best 40 Metal/Hard Rock albums that have rocked our socks off over the last 12 months:


If critics, including Metalised, consider a legendary band’s ninth album to be it’s best, then this says something about the quality of the album! The Portuguese Metallers hit a bulls-eye with ‘Alpha Noir / Omega White’, a double album, with each album differing in style. While ‘Alpha Noir’ is an onslaught of Moonspell’s style of sophisticated extreme Gothic Metal, powerful, energy charge, bone crushing guitars, catchy riffs, growling… ‘Omega White’ is an ethereal Goth Rock album with atmospheric calm melodies, keyboards and clear singing! Moonspell in their new album deliver the best synthesis of emotion and intensity that I have heard from any band in a long time!

Although both albums are masterpieces and the two together are a creative triumph, Metalised is especially impressed by the ‘Alpha Noir’ album! There is not a single second wasted in this album! All 2434 seconds of it (40:37 minutes) are perfect! Each and every song has inspiration, talent and passion! Stand-out tracks: Axis Mundi, Lickanthrope, Versus, Alpha Noir, Em nome do medo, Opera Carne, Love Is Blasphemy, Grandstand, Sine Missione! Yes, that’s right… all the songs of the album! Eight perfect songs and a closing strong, atmospheric instrumental designed to provide a smooth transition between the previous eight aggressive tracks and the etherealness of the ‘Omega White’ album.

‘Alpha Noir / Omega White’ is an instant classic and if there is any justice in this world, this album will be considered by future metalheads to be one of the best Metal albums ever to have been released! Because this is the case here, this is indeed one of the best Metal albums ever made and believe me that is no exaggeration! In case you are wondering … I am neither Portuguese nor biased with the band! I have never been a huge Moonspell fan… well until now that is…


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Congratulations to Kreator for making it to Metalised’s Best Albums of 2012 at #2, in a few minutes #1 album of the year coming up…