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I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I had told you that ‘Teratogenesis’ the EP that this song is taken from is probably the best Heavy Metal EP I have ever heard in my life! Yep! It’s that good…


Megan Fox!

Posted: 03/29/2013 in Metal Maidens!
Yes, you read right… Megan Fox is a Metal Maiden! Not only she probably is the most beautiful woman in the world, but it seems that she is also the most beautiful Metalhead in the world! Yesss… she is one of us! Megan Fox is now officially my dream woman! Brian Austin Green, move over!
And there’s more… her favorite band is Megadeth! I think I will call her Megafox from now on… or Megandeth!
Which one do guys think is better? 😀
Metal Maidens mEgan FOx. not only she is the most beautiful woman in the but also a metalhead whose favorrite band is megadeth.okey...megan fox is now oficially my dream woman does anyone in here have her phone number

Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal from Chicago! This song is really, really good! 100% Metalised Approved!

On Friday 22/03/2013 Metalised Facebook asked the question ‘Which is the better band, Trivium or Killswitch Engage?’. So which one of the two Metalcore Kings won? Many of you have voted and the winner is Trivium! If you do not agree with the result it is never too late to vote!

A Progressive Rock/Metal concept album influenced by Bret Easton Ellis’ novel Lunar Park. The novel is told from the perspective of a father whereas the album is mostly from his son’s perspective.


Children of Bodom have released the teaser below for their new album, ‘Halo of Blood’ which comes out June 11th on Nuclear Blast Records.

At 1:40 AAAAAAAAA!!!